Sunday, May 23, 2021

Leafs vs Habs game 2 (after re watching)

 Leafs vs Habs game 2 (after re watching)

I am enjoying the process of re watching the Leafs playoff games. I can’t remember if I did that in 2004 (the last time we won a round of playoffs) however it would have have been on the VCR.  I would have had a 5yr old and and a two year old running around so it seems unlikely. 

I don’t want to repeat much of what I said in my Posgate Postgame (on Facebook Live) last night but I am not totally sure I remember what I said. (Occasionally I do watch my own shows the next day but have not as of yet today)

The first thing I will address is the Habs fans complaining about the penalties. I would like to know which obvious crosscheck you thought was not a penalty. Certainly not your big ugly defensemen on Engvall because he was fined for it today by the NHL. Your little chippy Galagher crosscheck to the head of our defender? Kotkiniemi breaking a stick over our players body?…

You don’t want to make it easy for the refs to make the calls and you need to notice a trend in what they are calling. Habs did neither. Not so smart fellas. 

I liked what I saw from all four of the Leaf lines. I do think you will see Hyman continue to improve as he gets more games in post injury. 

I am really starting to love that cheeky smile that Auston flashes when things are going well. It is subtle fun for us wearing blue and white at home. 

I did think we had a little trouble with exiting our zone as the Habs had good pressure on us making it challenging. I am sure coach Keefe and his team will fix that before tomorrow. 

I am not big on (or good at) making predictions but I do think this Leaf team still has another gear that involves a little more speed, and a little dangle and a little more flow. 

Looking forward to playing back to back this week!

Go Leafs go!


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