Thursday, December 08, 2016

Europe Tour was amazing!

Hi friends,

I had all the intentions in the world to blog while I was in Europe. This time all I did was post on instagram. Do you check out my silly pics here?

What an amazing tour it was with Ronley Teper's Lipliners. I have to say, it is sort of false advertising calling it that as I was the only Lip from Canada to join her on this trip. We did create a really fun band vibe with lots of musicians over there including ex pats Taylor Savvy, Sly Juhas and Johnny Spence. Also played  a couple shows with hammered Dulcimer player Pit Hermans in Amsterdam.

However, our main pal and rock and roll star was Czech violinist Pavel Cingl. (don't ask me to pronounce his last name, ha!) We had so much fun with him. He was a great host while we were in the Czech Republic and drove us around through Germany too!

Here is Pavel and Ronley with our host at a fine Italian restaurant in Furth. (we played for our dinner...or at least to convince him to stay open after our show next store at Kioski record store...Thanks Fiona!!)

Every city we played in was a joy. Mostly because of the people we met as we travelled. (The 14th Century architecture helps too)

Drinking Pilsner with Sarah and Christian and all the gang in Prague was a highlight for sure. (have you tried their "milk beer?")

Biking in Utrecht Holland was a dream of mine that was conquered. Bikes rule there, and cars know how to keep their distance etc. We could learn so much from them about bikes and the value of a bike life.

Visiting my old pal Dave Szigeti in Berlin was a treat. So great to spend time with his family too!

So many stories to tell but I am looking forward already as I am performing the next couple nights at the Tranzac. Tonight with Collette Savard Band and tomorrow, reunited with all the Toronto Lipliners. Yay! (both shows start after 10pm)

Happy holidays to you all. Please take some time off. Enjoy your friends and family while you can.




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