Friday, April 13, 2012

I am not really sure if I am superstitious. I will walk under a ladder no problem. However, I feel like I am on an unlucky streak and that bad things happen in threes. I was on my way to return a rental car last weekend and I got a flat tire. I had a computer glitch this week that nearly cost me a lot of time and money. Today, I blew a tire on my bike when I was biking home from teaching at Humber College.

There you go; it's over! Bad things happen in threes. I suppose it is good to realize that none of these things are actually very bad. I am happy, healthy and with my family enjoying life here in the Big Smoke. It is is even NHL hockey playoff time which makes me quite happy. Speaking of which, I gotta go what Nashville beat Detroit and Pittsburgh beat Philadelphia. (the boys want me to set up both TVs beside each other on the main floor....we shall see)



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