Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One good thing about blogging is you can "keep-track-of" yourself. For instance, I know now that I have to return those movies tommorrow! I did watch the Lynch movie; Inland Empire finally. So good to watch a slow, weird piece of mainstream art like that. I really wonder A: how many people saw it at the theatre or even rented it and B: how many people made it to the end. The bonus material on the second disc is cool...some great footage of Lynch working on the set, painting, mopping, dreaming...

Looking forward to performing again with the Cluttertones this weekend. Rob Clutton, bass, Lina Allemano, trumpet, Ryan Driver, analog synth, street sweeper bristle brush bass and voice and I play banjo and acoustic guitar...dare I say..the music can be somewhat like David Lynch's films (for lack of a better description)

live at Somewhere There, Saturday January 26, 8pm. Cover charge $6

It is a bit tricky to find but once you are there, you might feel a bit like you too are part of a David Lynch film.



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