Friday, February 24, 2006

Do Toronto musicians read my blog?...yes. Do Toronto musician's parents read my blog?...haha

The Red Guitar is going through some changes to make sure we are going
to exist past summer 2006. Our weekday (including Thursday) shows no
longer offer a guarantee. We understand how this changes the
relationship with the musicians as the Red Guitar becomes more of a
showcase type situation. However we do believe that the combination of
providing this great venue, and continuing to advertise to let our
regular and growing clientele know about your gig will give you a great
place to perform your new and original music and allow you to make some
decent money when performances are well attended.

So...having read the above description to the changes at the RG I hope it will be fairly clear (obvious) that we are not looking for musicians for weekends as there are many to choose from but I am interested in hearing from musicians (don't send Cds!!) who have a show they would like to present at the RG on a Wednesday or Thursday. We need people who are willing to bring some people out on those nights. ie. you have something you want to present and you want people to come and hear it. This is not the old fashioned paradigm of musician hired to entertain in club. (yes...our weekends are going to be somewhat like that) This is the showcase/"jazz is art"/time's are a changin paradigm.

Perhaps this post will get a little feedback?
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