Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nice to read in the Globe today about people selling their blogs for good money to be published as books. (yet another reminder that the "technology" of books is alive and well!) I suppose relatively speaking I might be able to sell my rights for about $35 CDN....not that I'm complaining! I am still excited about the fact that people read my blog every day.

I am having trouble posting picture right now but when that gets sorted out it might be a whole new direction as we finally have a digital camera. (I think I already thanked Ken and Susan)

I was thinking of embracing (rather than the usual cringing I do) the year end "best of" lists.

Today I am going to start with the people who make my day to day "neighborhood life" a little better week in week out (just a reminder that this like most of my posts are off the top of my, I am sure I will leave a ton of people of the list by mistake because of this)

Best people that add to my day to day "neighborhood life" (not including all the great friends and family I am blessed with)

-nice people at Cafe Brasiliano (on Dundas St.)
-folks at Soundscapes (college St. Cd store)
-all the folks at the YMCA (especially, Dylan's swim teacher, Leo's caregivers on Tuesday mornings and Fridays' basketball teachers)
-Paul and Jim at Kwik Copy (College at Shaw)
-the fine folks at the Falafel joint on Ossington just north of College (relatively new discovery for me)
-all the teachers at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Public School
-all the caregivers at Leo's daycare (wed-fri)
-the happy friendly faces year round at Dufferin Grove
-the nice people at the Library(college and shaw)

ok...thats it for my first list. (already paranoid about who I left off...perhaps I will get seriously into addendums!)
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,


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