Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another fun night. Our gig was well attended. I think Howard IS a bit of a draw here in Europe. I had a lot of fun backstage at the mainstage with him meeting many of his friends. including Lee Ritenour, Ernie Watts and lots of really nice folks. Was nice to not even have to use our free meal pass once we were in the land of jaz-headliners backstage all you can eat and drink etc.

Our gig was fun but I did realise tonight how much work this music is. I practise it a lot and it is intense. I was joking with myself thinking: next project bass AND drums for sure. Just kidding realy . Treated so well here.

It amazes me how much time and enrgy we have spent and only played one 75 minute gig plus nice encore. It was a radio recording that apparently I now own and will receive royalties for.

I wish I knew what time we were being picked up tommorrow....BAD BAndLEADR!

We met a cool old trumpet player tonight on his gig in the old city named George. Very fun. Good stories. He was a fan of Howards so I traded a cd for a beer.



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