Sunday, June 19, 2005

I feel a little behind in my work after quite a social weekend...started off by seeing Monica and Luigi's film in the short film festival. they are great! Beautiful hand drawn animation with the perfect music from beginning to end.

Went to a good family bbq with my old pals steve and curf and their kids...ah keep each other busy and adults drink and talk (good to remember!)

tonight my dads cousin bryan and his son Daniel are sleeping over en route to Vancouver. I love seeing these guys. We had a great dinner in the back yard, walked over to Balfour books (I bought Leroi Jone's Blues People)

Brian gave me a copy of Genuine Tong Funeral by Carla Bley....features Howard on tuba and Baritone. (I am listening now and I really like it)

I wish I had enough energy to hear Dave clarks Woodpeckers at midnight at sneaky dees but I think I am done. If I had any energy left I would probably have to do some work anyhow...seems like it might be good night.

goodnight nobody,


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