Thursday, December 02, 2004


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I was just looking at the preview for this weekend's CBC radio show Definitely Not the Opera. I love this show. The theme this saturday 1-4pm is Hosers.

do you think they know that a Canadian jazz artist released as Cd in l993 called Hoser City?

They do now. You can count on me to keep them informed. This Cd cover and layout etc. was done by one of my oldest friends Steve Szigeti. We go back to Kindergarten!! (I happen to know that at least one other person from that same class occasionally reads this blog too!)

Anyways, I still like this cover and the music (heck you can buy it at

It features my pal andy milne as well as brent bodrug victor bateman and kevin dempsey. My first canadian tour was in support of this fine piece of Canadian art. (ok, enough modesty for now)

tune in to DNTO....I know Ill be listening.



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