Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sure I had fun listening and selling tickets on the first two nights but I was glad to have my guitar in my hands last night.

The second time I performed with Ben Grossman was as exciting as the first. High content of the unknown as we are just getting to know each other (musically and personally) Ben's wide ranging stylistic (and non stylistic) musical abilities are an incredible thing and I can't wait to hear him play or perform with him again soon.

We had special guest Debashis Sinha sit in on drums which was a real treat. On a personal level I was extra happy with the computer spoken word stuff I brought. Especially the improv, telephone poem by ron gaskin.

The second set was easily one of my favourites during the festival; ATM + Guy were great. I said they sounded like the Beatles (only half jokingly) The subtleties that came across in their big noise sound were so beautiful.

the beatles part for me was their joy and friendship on stage that made it extra special, (especially for my preconceived notions of an electronic noise band)

thanks to all. Cant wait for tonight.


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