Monday, October 18, 2004


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I am hanging onto this greatest canadian thing tonight. Only, to tell you how much I am glad to pull out a copy of Gordon Lightfoots 1973 Sundown album. Great songs, so nostalgic too as it reminds me of my parents big box stereo hifi.

I heard some weird synth stuff on one tune and thought it sounded like Eugenen Martynec...nah...cant be. Yup!! He is everywhere that guy.

someone should do an article on him. the guy had a special award given to him one year at the Junos. He is best known as producer for many of Cockburns classic records but he also played in Kensington Market and now is a part of the toronto improvisers scene. (Produced Rob Clutton and Geordie Haley's latest)

I am due for a top five listening list. I will wait for another occasion but I have a funny feeling that Gordon will be on there.

(i really need to get the railroad trilogy!!)


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