Monday, October 04, 2004


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listening to Braxton on headphones performing his music with Ray Anderson and guitarist James Emery. I am enjoying hearing his music with guitar.

I finally got my ears cleaned at the doctor today but I am a little concerned that the left one seems a little plugges still. Wlll wait till morning to see if anything has changed.

I am also flipping through a book i bought for a dollar called Stravinksy by Rober Craft. It is Crafts journal entries...not sure I like it. I wany my loonie back...hahaha.

I will hit the sack soon. Was going to go out but I am way tired, and need to get some rest tonight.

Okay, I did stretch it out a little last night. (thanks for all that tequila Rob...loved it)

I still think blindfold tests are one of the best ways to listen to music. ie. no context.

might hit my fave blogs before I pack it in.

good night all.



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