Sunday, September 05, 2004

this summer included a lot of great memories and amazing times with Julie and the kids. Today though, was definitely one of my highligts!

sometimes I forget how much I love physical challenges, athletics etc. Actually, I lost a bet to my 19 yr old cousin as he smoked me on the golf course (my annual game of golf wasnt at its best) so I ended up having to try his wake board.

Secretly, I have wanted to try it for a while but was a little bit chicken. Well, today, having lost on the golf course I won in the water. What a rush. I didnt have any really long runs or jump any wakes quite yet but had a good time on my few short runs that I took. I can already tell which muscles are going to ache tommorow morning. but,.... I think it was worth it.

Cut and print, summer 2004


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