Monday, July 05, 2004

hmmm, must not forget to blog, just because of the nice weather. I get more and more feedback from people reading. Please send emails, I always enjoy knowing you are reading!

Had so much fun in the last few days. Last night was great, nice summer night on my bike, caught the Vandermark 5 at the NFB. they sounded great. end of a tour is always the time to hear a band. fun to hang out after at a local watering hole too. I think the friends that showed up where as or more important to my experience than the great music. (I do wish they played something from the recent record I bought....good for me to remember as a leader)

today was Andy Milne's Dapp Theory. I like the band he is touring with. the emcee sounds great. I liked the untitiled tune that may as well be called SOS. When they are playing funky, open type things, with all improvising beyond the written stuff they are at their best.



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