Wednesday, February 04, 2004

It is truly sad to see the email replace the written letter. I only have a couple friends that write by hand
anymore. I must say, I am lucky to have quite a few friends who will take the time to write a long,
creative, interesting email. (one is a poet, and writes them everday....and ccs them to the world!)

Here is an excerpt from another friend, that has really been lingering in the dark recesses of my brain, not sure
why but ....we were discussing our work as musicians and what the future may hold. (this is his idea for
Man, I would love to hear you distance yourself from your first instrument, and make an electronic album. Not techno or dance music, but electronic music written by composer Tim Posgate, on his laptop or whatever. Even if you made a record using live samples from your shows, or sampled from your jazz collection, it would be bound to bear your stamp yet avoid obvious music references due to its different approach. Or a classical-style piano recording by you, all fucked around with by the computer program. Loads of "laptop" musicians use the program "Max" (think thats it) which is a structural program to use whatever sounds you input; its not unlike luthiering your own instruments and then writing music accordingly for each instrument you configure


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