Monday, January 19, 2004

Wow, I am so fave blog is back. Maybe it was just me but I couldnt access it for months (or so it seems)

How can you not read "a fireside chat with the Art Ensemble of Chicago"....much cheaper than buying those
crazy jazz I never have to go outside (except Fridays for Hockey!)

Yah ERG!


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello ! I was searching for people that could have an interest for my music with the help of the name Art Ensemble of Chicago (an important inspiration for me) and found your blog.

My new album is now available for sell, but it's still without its first reviews. In the past, I have received incredible press from a variety of sources (All Music Guide, great composers...).

See and mostly listen by yourself some Philosophie Fantasmagorique.

Thank you !

Vincent Bergeron

"In the course of a lifetime, one encounters very few major musical talents. Vincent Bergeron is one of those few, a unique composer who is at the forefront of musical thinking."

Noah Creshevsky
Professor Emeritus, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
Director Emeritus, Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College


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