Monday, March 18, 2019

Ronley Teper: The Game

Hello friendly blog readers. Besides posting my monthly newsletters that advertise my upcoming gigs I have been rather absent as a blogger for sometime. 

This weekend I have enjoyed seeing some of my friends celebrated at the Juno awards. Special shout-out to my pal Andy Milne for winning best Jazz album. The Juno gods didn’t smile upon any of the projects I was involved in however I remain quite proud of them all. 

In the last 18 months I was part of 5 really good CDs that were released; The Game/Ronley Teper, Leeways/Cluttertones, Kala Kalo/So Long Seven, Collette Savard and the Savants and Ragtime Orioles.

I played mostly banjo on these recordings but there are certainly a couple exceptions.

My plan is to make a separate blog post for each of these records over the next couple months. The main reason for doing this is to inspire you to listen to them! Making music can be a seemingly selfish act at times but I think one of my main reasons for doing it is to bring joy to the listener. Yes, YOU friendly blog reader!

Ronley Teper is a rock star. She is fearless. She is fun and she is very funny. I have had so much fun performing with her Lipliners over the last seven or so years. We had two great European tours including extended time spent in Prague. We are heading back there in the fall too…yeeha!

I am listening (as I type) to our latest record called The Game. There are some really funny moments featuring Mary Margaret O’Hara. Mary is definitely a friend of the band and a perfect, adventurous special guest. This record was recorded live at the Piston on Bloor St. however sometimes I am amazed that it was recorded live in that little room as the sound is so big.

Ronley loves to mix in some instrumental rock originals that she has composed and this record is no exception. The horn section always keeps these tunes interesting and different on each show. (there are no Lipliners shows that are ever the same, each song is never even the same night after night as Ronley loves and encourages the improvised and the unexpected as a starting point)

The large ensemble sound of the Lipliners is loud and clear on this record. You can often expect banjo, guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, sax, accordion, piano and more.

Ronley’s show’s often include witty and weird banter that can and will include puppets, masks, comedy, diatribes about awkward topics and more. Even thought the record doesn’t include the fun stuff that happened on these nights between songs I think you can feel the energy of all the great stuff that happened at the two evening concerts oozing out of the speakers.

You can find out more details about this record and upcoming tours at: 

Ronley also has some amazing videos: (here is one she made for this record)

Here is a fun one of us playing a duo tribute to Tom Waits:

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