Wednesday, October 17, 2018

World Music! Fun! Part 2

Only ten days until the big show at Revival with So Long Seven, Near East Trio and Zephyr.

Do you have your tickets yet? The advance tickets are only $15 (no service charge!) and are available at Soundscapes and The Candy Bar, both on College St. $5 for kids. $20 at the door/$10 students

In case you didn't know, it is an afternoon show (4-7pm) that will be family friendly (face painting and door prizes!).

One of the real nice things about this concert is you will get to hear the great tabla player, Ravi Naimpally in two of the three different groups; So Long Seven and the Near East Trio.

Ravi and I have been friends for sometime now. We have kids the same age and actually met at the YMCA while we were watching our kids in the pool.

Ravi is a great guy, very generous and a real family man. I have been fortunate to learn a fair bit about Indian Classical music from Ravi. He has been playing and studying this music since he was a young man as both his parents were a big influence on him when he was young.

Ravi is a very in-demand tabla player. He has been touring internationally of late with a group called Niyaz as well as just returning from a tour of South Africa with saxophonist Sundar Viswanathan's group.

No matter where we go with So Long Seven it always seems like someone we meet knows or has performed with Ravi Naimpally.

Ravi has recently been organizing clinics and teaching privately in a new music school that he has recently started. If you want more information please contact me or talk to him at our big show at Revival. Ravi is very approachable and especially loves to talk about the tabla.


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