Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer is music music is summer.

It has become a thing I do to post my occasional newsletter that goes out to my email list on my blog.

So here it is. Thanks for checking in on this slacker of a blogger. (I still like to say " I was blogging before they would ever dare use the word "blog" on CBC etc.)
Hi there, here is an update of my musical world for this summer.

This summer is helping me wonder less often if my journey into being a string player/multi-instrumentalist was a good decision. Things are starting to make sense; I am playing lots of banjo and mandolin, practising the fiddle every day and enjoying playing guitar more than ever before. (writing a lot of songs too!)

Most of my energy these days is going into rehearsing for the bluegrass opera; The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw. It has a great band, including my old pal Rob Clutton on bass and the music is composed by my friend John Millard. I have been a fan of John's music for a long time (he sang on my CD In the Future of Your Dream).

The cast is fantastic too, it features my friend Randi Helmers (also sang on In the Future of Your Dream) as well as many other great actor/singers.

The show opens August 8 here in Toronto as part of the Summerworks Festival and closes August 17 at Theatre Passe Muraille. (tickets only $15)

You don't have to like bluegrass and it is not really an opera but a fun time for all!

click here for more info.

Other interesting summer shows to take note of:

August 1, 10pm The Tranzac
Ilios' Solar Panel
(my debut on violin with this jazz/rock experience!)

August 11, 10pm (ish) The Tranzac
( The music of Rob Clutton played on banjo, bass, analog synth, trumpet...what's not to like!)

August 17, 1230pm, Markham Jazz Festival
The Oolong 7
(world jazz collective gets out of the downtown core!)

September 5, noon, Guelph Jazz Festival
The Oolong 7
(always happy to perform at one of my favourite festivals)


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