Friday, May 25, 2012

Sometimes I am not sure if being such a music freak is a blessing or a curse. I just went through the latest Now magazine and spent almost an hour reading up on what is coming up and just passed in the local music scene. (of course I am listening to music while I do this) I want to buy tickets to everything from the upcoming second Rush show that was added to the Dan Lanois Greenbelt Harvest Picnic to all my friends gigs coming up. I missed a some friends last night (as is often the case)at Musideum because I stayed home to catch up on paper work. (not always exciting being a freelance musician) I seem to put everyone's gigs in my calendar but often even trying to do that I open the date and realize I already have my own gig on that night. Always glad to be playing music but if there was just a way to listen and play at the same time. Ha!..wait a minute! Back to my damn paperwork...I gotta get something done before I head off to play hockey. tim

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