Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It is not often I blog after pouring myself a shot of tequila but here we are. The theme is aging. I suppose it is on my mind as my birthday is coming up. I don't like aging. There is no two ways about it. More responsibilities, more health issues, easier to put on weight (hence the reason I didn't have a second beer tonight...less calories in tequila?) People around you start dying, getting sick etc. It is a bummer really.

I don't think I am scared of dying but the whole lead up to to it ( ten or fifty years) seems to be a bit of a drag. My regular readers might not recognize this dark and negative vibe I am bringing but I can't hide it forever. It is in there somewhere.

Another thing is that we seem to get smarter and understand peoples emotions etc. even more as we age. Really all this means is we tread a little more carefully so as to offend less people or make more people happy. (or so it seems)

I suppose life stays vital and exciting, unpredictable and all those other adjectives that I cherish as an artist and a freelancer but the box that I keep it in seems to be less ideal.

I don't think I will dwell any further as maybe it is just something about this day or this week that has me going on about it.

Maybe google will tell me how many calories are in my tequila shots before I pore another one. (so old)

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