Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tonight I had a rare chance to do a bit of web surfing and reading other's blogs. (Although I should be listening to some music I need to learn for next week) I am having the overwhelmed feeling from looking at all these young musicians that do it all; compose, book tours, blog like crazy etc.

Here is an example; there is no way I could every organize the reviews I receive. Others put links to the writers and the whole deal. These are people who are making great music too.

I wave the white flag at this point and realize that so much of my energy goes to my family. There are the odd parent-musicians who seem to be able to do it all but it is rare.

Whether it is getting up at 7am with the kids every day or picking them up at school by 245pm I can barely keep my playing at the level I want and need. I rarely complain and I never regret this choice. Tobboganing with my boys tonight was some of the most fun I can imagine. Going out for dinner on a Friday night together after a long week and then watching the Olympic hockey game together is all stuff I just wouldn't trade for anything.

It is usually hundreds rather than thousands of people who get to enjoy my music but I am okay with that. I think the smiles on my kids faces and the effect I can have on our world as a parent are worth it. And, who knows; maybe when my kids grow up I will have a musical life that is even more widely received and heck, I might even put the links to all my reviews on my blog.

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