Sunday, February 14, 2010

Had a great family vacation in Quebec this week. It is so good to see my kids spending time with their relatives in Quebec. I wasn't really excited about attending the Carnaval parade but it turned out to be much fun for all of us. The Quebec dancers, musicians etc. seem to have different and more sincere approach to a parade than we do here. All of the folks in the parade seemed to have such fun and were really "going for it."

We decided to use transit to get to the parade and it was a good idea in the end. However, the usual problems came up with my two boys on the bus; either it is the "are-we-there-yet problem" or the WWE wrestling approach to public transportation. (headlocks really don't work on a bus!)

Anyways, I was proud of my parenting skills when I reached into my bag and asked my 7yr old if he wanted to play Pac-Man on my ipod Touch. Plus, I was going to listen to the Beethoven String Quartet that I have been studying as of late. Yes, I had not only solved the problem but figured out a way to do a little work too. I plugged in the head phones, handed Leo the ipod and he was content. I put the earphones into my ears and there was the cello, the viola, the violins and WAKA-WAKA-WAKA-WAKA. Oh well. Leo is happy.

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