Friday, September 04, 2009

I always blame my slow blogging on other social networking I do but it is a fact. Twitter, FB etc. take away some of my blogging impetus. You?

Anyways, life continues to roll on down the line. (to quote the Johnny Cash song I am learning) I am really excited that Andrew Downing and I are starting up our Mondays at Todo again. (banjo/cello duets) That will start on Monday Sept 14, 830-llpm.

Todo is on Ossington St. just south of Dundas on the East side.

I am still playing lots of mandolin too and looking forward to some more Shinhackers gigs in the fall before Chay has her baby. (that should slow the band down for at least a couple months!)

I am also excited that I start playing hockey soon and the Leafs are opening training camp pretty soon too. No wonder I love this time of year!

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At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Christine Bougie said...

Hey Tim

Thanks for the good advice. I see you've been doing this for a while!

My commitment as of right now is to do 2 blog posts/week (Tuesdays and Fridays). I'm gonna keep that up for at least 6 months. And writing every day is good, too. Just like music!

I can see how social sites can take away from blogging. I tend to think of which groups of people might be reading in each of those different sites, and that determines what I'll likely share on them.

For example:

facebook - Mostly funny stuff. I try to keep free of any self-promotion, unless it's REALLY important to me (CD Release or something)

facebook "fan" page - this is different. These people basically clicked to say that they wouldn't mind hearing about my music. I still try to not be a douche on that page, too.

twitter - a very different group of people. more world-wide. connected in common, often really geeky interests.

blog - the best place to share stuff about your work? this is what I'm thinking, but you have more experience in this area than I do.

Anyway - glad to hear that you've got a weekly with Andrew. If I'm ever not at the tranzac on a monday I'll come to listen!



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