Friday, May 08, 2009

Sometimes when a musician plays to a small audience they wonder why they don't just do it in the privacy of their own home. Last night was a nice reminder for me that the answer is; "you never know who might come into the club at any minute."

A couple sat down in front of the Shinhackers on the big new fancy stage there at the Eton House last night. They seemed to like the music and we were happy to have some people other than the barflys (who we love) listening too.

It turns out to be one of Canada' top bluegrass banjoists Duncan Fremlin. Duncan has been a longtime member of Whiskey Jack and you can hear them on the Tommy Hunter show on youtube and they still play around town.

anyways, he is a very cool guy and I was happy to play song songs for him and his wife Karen.

Remember, you never know who is going to walk into the club.



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