Saturday, May 02, 2009

I saw a great Canadian documentary in the Hot Docs Festival tonight called Ganesh. It is the story of a young boy in India with a birth defect on his face who gets cosmetic surgery by a Canadian doctor.

My friend Ravi Naimpally wrote the music and played tablas on it. It was beautifully shot and the footage from India was inspiring. The overall message I came away with was a simple one of the inspiration gained from experiencing other peoples lives, cultures and experiences. (i.e. I need to put myself in more new and different situations more often) I don't think that was intended by the director but it happened to be how a great film like this affected me.

Many of the scenes were strengthened or even completely uplifted by the music. If you are curious what it sounded like you should check out some of the CDs by Ravi's group Tasa (they have a new CD coming out soon too) Also the fine editing of the film was made even better by the way the music occasionally tied scenes together. Beautiful flute playing and recording job too by Ernie Tollar.


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