Friday, May 22, 2009

I have been meaning to tell you this story but keep forgetting. Our Macbook died and a computer store looked at it and said it was toast. Then I took it to the Mac Store and THEY said it was toast too. They also said they could boot up the hard drive one more time to transfer all our info to a new machine if we bought one. Well, I was desperate as I was making a new CD and all my charts etc. were on there. Those bastards!

We did buy the big new expensive Mac laptop and we love it. But, my friend Johann who is no computer specialist, took it apart and got it working just fine. He bought a part for less than two hundred bucks but never even ended up using it. Now he brings it out and uses it to record our gigs and it works just fine. He says it crashes occasionally. So, are the computer people at the Mac store stupid, ignorant or just lying to their clients. I think it is a bit of both and I feel really naive. Of course two stores that sell computers will tell you it cant be fixed; what else would they tell you. Lame.



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