Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is often the home of stories of synchronicity. Yes, I love synchronicity and early on was led to believe that if you don't enjoy it you are missing one of life's finer gifts. I agree.

Anyhow, as travelled between Nashville and Memphis last weekend on a bus I was thinking about my TA (later a professor) Jim Robbins and his interest, and knowledge of where jazz and country met. All kinds of funky soulful country and jazz music with crazy names like the Skillet Lickers (ha!).

I wish I paid more attention then but look forward to doing some research of my own now. (yes, the banjo is messing with me again)

So, I got a call from an old friend today asking me if I knew Jim Robbins as they had been in touch and might get together to make some music. This is where people often say "small world." Me, I just think it is exciting how things connect and sometimes try to imagine the answer to; why.



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