Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yesterday I got to see Bruce McDonalds new flick called Pontypool at the TIFF. I was in a good mood when I got there and saw how big the screen was and noticing that the seat was better than any in my house.

I loved this film. The characters were so amusing and well developed; all in the space of a radio station. Yes, this is a zombie movie that never goes outside.

The work early on by our main actors and the director in developing the characters pays off when it is important to know how they are feeling at the many peeks and valleys of fear and other emotions near the end of the film.

Personally, I found it extra intriguing because it was about radio. The idea of radio personalities is one that has come and gone with the current interest in Satellite radio and Clear Channel type standard radio formats. This is old school in the town of Pontypool and our radio DJ Mazzy makes you glad that you tuned in.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat with fear at times and then laughing my head off seconds later. The combination of some excellent horror-film-type soundtrack writing and some subtle and creative cinematography keeps you conncected with the story and our main characters.

Make sure you see this and tell your friends about it. Bruce McDonald is one of our Countries great film makers and he still has trouble getting funding to keep making films. In the Q and A after he told how quickly he shot this film (7 days?) as well as how the funding only came through last minute. What a film, what a Country.

tim posgate


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