Saturday, September 20, 2008

hello hello hello. Just some random thoughts for you today as I have a minute before I go to play the banjo on my porch (while the kids watch saturday cartoons!)

Tomorrow is international Care Free day. Yes, I just booked a car from Autoshare to go and visit my Dad and his wife in Burlington. I don't feel horrible about this or anything but would like to have been able to both visit them and partake in some of the celebrations here downtown on this special day.

Also today downtown (at Yonge and Dundas Square) there is a bunch of free new music that is happening including Eve Egoyan and the Lollipop People. More info at (no time for links today)

Personally, I am looking forward to going banjo/guitar shopping with my friend Gerri for a bit this afternoon followed by dinner with my family at our kids fave restaurant.

And, finally last night I quite enjoyed the documentary about the famous songwriter Townes Van Zandt and I look forward to buying some of his music in the near future.

over and out and up!


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