Monday, August 25, 2008

It took me a whole week to get to it but I have to tell you about my Earl Scruggs adventure.

When I first heard that Earl would be performing within driving distance I knew I had to go. The tickets were $150 so I didn't even ask any friends (few are as banjo crazed as I am) to come with me. I did bring my youngest son Leo (who I promised a day of junk food and "no rules".)

It was almost a three hour drive and when we arrived I discovered that the festival (for the campers anyhow) was basically over. There was no one to collect our money and someone even offered the two of us their VIP passes so we could sit up close to hear Earl.

He came out and started picking and I was so happy. They opened with Salty Dog Blues and played lots of my faves including quite a burning version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

When they announced that he had just turned 84 I was quite touched by the fact that he was exactly twice my age. It was a beautiful sight to see him playing with both his sons on either side of him too. (I told Leo that maybe we would get to do that someday)

I really felt connected to him on that hot and sunny day as I clapped and screamed more than most and it felt as though he appreciated it.

As he left the stage I was sad as I knew it was likely I will never hear him play again. This was a special day for me and I yelled out "Thank you Earl!!"



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