Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The idea of hosting a jazz jam is not one that really appeals to me. However, tommorrow night, late late Thursday night I will be doing just that.

The reason I was interested this time around is that included in the deal was an invitation to play a set of my own music before the jam starts at my friend Greg Bottrel's club The Supermarket.

Today, we rehearsed the music and I haven't had such a fun and easy going rehearsal in recent memory.

Andrew Downing is playing the cello and Michael Herring is playing the acoustic bass while Lina Allemano is playing the trumpet.

I think you could give these three just about anything to play and it would sound good. For me, and maybe you it is a bit nostalgic as I am playing mostly music written in the 90s but I will be playing banjo on many of them. (also one I just finished writing last night!)

The Supermarket is on Augusta Avenue just south of College St. and we will begin our set at midnight and after that you are welcome to come and play some music with us.

Hope to see you there!


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