Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I was just thinking about all the things on my to-do list and having one of those moments that has a fine line between fear and excitement.

When I think of all the music I need to learn/compose in the next little while I remember how lucky I am. For instance, I have been chosen to compose for the Symphony Harbor at the Sound Symposium when my Hornband goes to Newfoundland in July. This is where you compose a short piece of music for tugboats in the St. Johns harbor. So cool...

I have to work on editing and mixing my new CD, also re-learning some of that for this summer's concerts and then there is the huge job of composing the next Hockey Night in Canada theme. I am only partly serious about that last one but some insider info I received tonight has me thinking about it. (the rest of the rest of the Country will find out after Thursday's press conference)

Of course, there is the ongoing struggle and joy of learning how to play the banjo and of course a full menu of parenting 24/7...how did I get here?...I lost my map but I recommend the full buffet.



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