Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I had a great time playing with the Lipliners last night at the Tranzac. I really wondered if the first gig I did with them was just a special night or beginners luck or something but I think it is just a really fun, musical experience to play with this band (as last night was just as much fun). This morning, while I was rising from a rare chance to sleep in I think I had a bit more insight into what makes it so special.

As a guitar and banjo player I am often in situations, including my own groups where I am performing music that is "instrument-specific". Even though I am always trying to redefine the parts I write or improvise, they are still banjo or guitar-like parts more often than not. In the Lipliners I am part of a section. The whole band is one big section. We are all listening to Ronley and the way she chooses to interpret her song in the moment. When we respond or accompany her it is as a very dynamic collective of musicians forming large sonorities and textures. ie. I am not playing a C chord but part of it while the fiddle player, sampler player etc. are doing the same. This is no big deal for those who play horns or string players etc. as they are always playing in sections and I think I am closer now to knowing how that feels...feels good. fun.

p.s. tonight I am doing one of my fave gigs where I play improvised banjo music for Contact Dancers at the Dovercourt House on Dovercourt just North of Bloor. 7-8pm...(perfect timing to watch the hockey game...yeehah!!)


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