Sunday, February 24, 2008

These days I have been so busy. This is always a good thing when you are a freelancer. It has been extra fun to be playing other people's music while I am working on my own new CD ( seventh!)

One of the things I am doing is working with Ciara Adams. She is a singer songwriter and also a jazz singer. It is fun to be working with her on the release of her new CD, which is more of a pop/rock thing. It is not that cut and dry is diverse and eclectic too. Some of her songs remind me of Jane Sibbery and beyond that her influences probably run far and wide (I actually never asked her is she is into Sibbery...isn't everyone?)

Extra fun because it is an all female band except for me!!

We are releasing her new CD this Thursday night at the Lula Lounge, here in Toronto (I could walk if I wasn't bringing an amp!)

Here is the video from her first single.


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