Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am not sure why my blogging has slowed down to a hault. Am I too busy?...Am I scared to divulge the details of the new and unusual directions my musical life is taking? I feel my 1000th post creeping up on me (yes I am at 994 now!) Has my fear that no one really cares finally caught up to me?

Who knows! (who cares!...haha)

Anyways, just heard a good interview with street artist Mike Parsons on Ron Gaskin's show. You can see his work at

You can see him painting on Queen St. at Soho so go check him out and say hi to the jazz street artist! (he is probably listening to Coltrane, Miles, Zappa...), cool...I just called in and won one of his tshirts on the air too! This is the beauty of community radio folks...try this on Q107...or even CBC....good luck. Community is it! Mike is part of the community, Gaskin is part of the community and we need to stick together, work together and join forces. We are not worried about the apathetic, we just want to communicate with other folks like us. (and there are thousands of us, right here in the big smoke!)


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