Thursday, April 05, 2007


there is a nice article in the Toronto Star today (besides the misspelling of my do I spell MIS-SPELLING??...)

I am pretty excited about working with 7 poets in one show...I have a number of suprises up my sleeve but I am sure there will be many suprises in store for me too!

Any gig that I carry a banjo, guitar, casio synth and laptop on the TTC is okay with me!

Some of you are thinking; "is he really going to miss the Leaf game...?" Well, yes...I wish I could do both but this will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys...let alone a Leaf game.

Riff Raft
7-10pm tonight (thursday)
cover is PWYC suggested minimum of $5

Trane Studios are on bathurst street just south of Dupont on the west side. (cool vibe at this place too!)


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