Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well, only an hour left in my birth day. It was a fun day...got to see lots of friends and eat some good food, did yoga, got some nice gifts (including neil young live at massey hall/1971 that just came out today!)

I don't know where all the time goes though...I guess I did spend a couple hours playing fiddle tunes with my friend mitch. It amazes me that the podcamp I attended was about two weeks ago and I haven't had time to follow up or look into one of the ideas or new connections that I made that day. (sometimes I wonder if the podcast is the thing that I really don't have time for anymore)

I am spending a fair bit of time working on learning music for this Irish Rock band that I have been playing banjo and guitar with, they are called the Mere Mortals. (it is fun but a lot of work to get a whole new repertoire together really fast)

Had a nice visit with my old friend Sandy and we went out to hear NOJO at the Trane Studios last night. What a great room! It was my first time there and now I want to play there, good sound, good vibe. Fun to hear NOJO play some new tunes and ones I haven't heard in almost ten years!



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