Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Unfortunately I don't make it down to the famous Tuesday night jazz jam at the Rex very often. This was the first time I went in years actually and I thought it would be kind of fun, if not a little weird if I brought my banjo.

I quite enjoyed my longish walk down to catch the Queen St. car and was fortunate to make my connection pretty fast that zipped me East to the Rex. I knew that I would be among friends as it was being hosted by the fine group including Nick Fraser, Rob Clutton, Andrew Downing and Brodie West. (also a nice treat to meet and play with Vancouver drummer Jesse Cahill)

I was immediately reminded that a jam session (anywhere) is an interesting, complex and exciting (sometimes) experience. You never know who will show up, what will be played and what will happen through out the night. Last night was no exception as you will see below. Enjoy what I call: "Foot Tappin' Double Double Bass".


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