Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sometimes a hangover leads to the most creative, exciting fun-filled kind of days. Today was no exception; as I had so many new ideas, fun musical moments and what seemed like a new and endless apprecation for beauty in the simplest things.

Playing some Celticmusic today with my long time friend, the fantastic jazz vocalist Tena Palmer. She really introduced me to a lot of great music both while we were playing and listening. This music is really my roots (or my ancestor's roots anyways) and I did play some of it with my Grandpa McKeown when he was alive.

It is interesting how it connects with the mega-bluegrass kick I am on these days. Some obvious similarities and differences.

Still not sure why I was hungover after having a couple drinks with friends at our local last night. (might be partly to blame on the less-than-five hours sleep I got)

p.s. Leafs won again tonight...hurray!


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