Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hi folks,

my friend; sound poet, improviser and all around brialliant aritst Paul Dutton sent me this note (below). I didn't know that he did "visual poems" as well. He is a great writer, performer musician/improviser and was one of the four poets involved in my limited edition An Eager Leap Cd. Actually the title for the Cd came from his poem that he wrote for that project called Jazzstory. He also recorded that piece on one of his Cds. I highly recommend checking out his work, including these interesting online pieces (that also have a life beyond your computer) or live you can hear his group the CCMC (with Michael Snow and John Oswald) on January 26 at Hart House on U of T campus. (I think admission is free!)

If you are not familiar with Paul's current work you may recognize his name from the famous "performance poetry" group The Four Horsemen from the 70s.

Seven of my visual poems are included in the just-issued Cross-Media issue
of the Web publication *Unlikely Stories*,
Four of my works there are from *The
Plastic Typewriter* (1979) and there are another three from my *Narcissus A*
series (middle to late ’90s). Yes, older work, but many of you may
nonetheless be unfamiliar with it.
I earnestly encourage you to wander through the whole issue.
Contributors are listed alphabetically, with links to their pages, but if
you want to see what I've got there, dash directly to


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