Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Hockey Day in Canada Folks!

We did our part here in downtown Toronto today. After practising some banjo while the kids watched saturday morning cartoons, I perused the spotrs page and then took Dylan to hockey school. We had a mid afternoon road hockey game in the driveway, watched the first period of Montreal vs Ottawa and then I took my little guys skating at Dufferin Grove Park. (very cool all day Womens Shinny Hockey Tournament happening there on the big ice surface...saw my friend Arland playing in that)

Continued watching the always awesome coast to coast coverage of hockey of all sorts (mostly amateur etc.) and right now the Leafs are down 4-1 in the third period. (doesn't look too good)

Hoping to get a little more banjo in tonight and then see how the late game (battle of Alberta) Edmonton vs Calgary turns out. I am glad it is only once a year but a great reminder on so many levels why I am fortunate to be involved in this very special sport that brings communities together (we will be up for our neighborhood road hockey game tommorow) and helps keep people happy and healthy all over the world.

Ron Mclean for PM!


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