Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just back from my Sunday hockey game. It is only my third game with these guys but I am starting to feel more comfortable with them (even got a goal tonight) Maybe I was inspired by that great win the Leafs had over the Sabres on Saturday. They should walk all over Philly tommorrow.

I really look forward to mondays as the weekends don't offer much time for music. I do love the family time and hockey with the boys is really my favourite thing in the world.

After I play hockey it is all i can do to type this little post so I think I will curl up with Ann-Marie MacDonald (so to speak) and try to get closer to finishing this massive book "As the Crow Flies" The end is quite unusual. Not really a weird twist or anything, just don't really get why it is going where it is going...maybe the twist is yet to come.

Recently, the King of Sweden was at the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame and a reporter asked him if he followed hockey...the King looked at the reporter like he was an idiot and replied "of course." Gotta like that king!! (that was for Maria in Sweden!)



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