Monday, October 23, 2006

I am sad to admit that this morning I attended what was my first rally ever. No joke. Things I observed in my youth (ie. my Dad was always on the management side in strikes) and things I have read from intellectuals (even Frank Zappa) who downplay the importance of protests have kept me away.

Boycotting the Island airport that started up again today was an educational, informational and uplifting experience. Apparently my councillor who we support, Joe Pantalone is a supporter of the airport. I will drop by his office this week to talk to him...I find it disappointing and confusing from the "tree advocate."

I met future counicillor Adam Vaughan...very appproachable friendly intetlligent person as well as hanging out with Olivia Chow which brought extra enthusiasm and credibility to the protest.

You can download a poster for tonigh't rally here. It starts at the foot of Bathurst st. at 4pm. You won't believe how close the buildings and schools are to where the planes land and take off from! (crazy)

I really regret not having my camera...I am going to carry it everywhere from now on. Not only would I have made a good short film for youtube about the protest but I missed an incrediblly weird sight on my bikeride home; four old people doing tai chi with real swords right in the the playground my kids play at between the slides and swings.

Never dull here in Toronto!



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