Monday, September 18, 2006

Quite a day to see the Leafs playing against the leafs!! Thanks fot my friend Jen, I had a pair of tickets to the annual Blue vs White game. So good to see all my "leaf friends" up close in the Ricoh arena.

Sundin looks good and ready, as do Tucker, Kaberle and McCabe. Some new prospects with potential too!

Dylan and I even went right down to the third row to watch the overtime and shootout. He really liked did I.

Another exciting event in the evening was watching my pal Rob Clutton play with outsider music legend Jandek.

It was at a big barn of a venue out east where they do circus school.

If you don't know Jandek, i recommend checking him out on youtube or at least a little google action. He played synth and recited his recently written poetry...sort of sang too at times.

There was quite a mood in the room as this was his first ever Canadian concert after 45 some odd recordings...he really is a mystery.

I thought Rob and Nilan Perera and Nick Fraser did a really good job as his backup band. (not an easy task!)

Came home and watched the end of the Godard film I started on the weekend called My Life to Live (starring Anna Karina!)

Now, another day is half over and it is time to pick up the kids before I start teaching at 5pm. The days are full but no shortage of things getting done, and that feels good!


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