Thursday, September 07, 2006

Peggy Lee is one of our busiest Canadian improvisers and the Guelph Festival has been supportive of her work over the years. I saw her group perform there a few years back and it was fantastic. (a double bill with Mark Dresser's trio)

Here are Peggy Lee's answers to my email questions:

--Are you performing with one of your regular
ensembles in Guelph or is
this a special, maybe even debut of a new band? Who
will be with you on
this gig?
I'll be performing with Larry Ochs(sax) and Miya
Masaoka(koto) in a trio.This is Larry's group,his
music and concept.

--When was the last time you performed in Guelph or
even in the Toronto
area? Any memorable performances in this area?

The last time I performed at this festival was a
couple of years ago in the fairytale.The year before
that I did my band and D.D. Jackson's opera.

-Do you have any plans for what will be
discussed/performed at your
workshop in Guelph?

I'm not aware that I'm doing a workshop!As far as I
know it's just the trio gig but I guess I'll see when
I get there....

--What is the the name of your latest recording and
what other Cds
might be the most definitive of your work up to this
point. (any
suggestions where to get your recordings?)

The latest recording under my name is the Peggy Lee
Band"Worlds Apart" on Spool but that's a couple of
years old..A more recent release is Wayne Horvitz's
Gravitas Quartet featuring Ron Miles on trumpet,Sarah
Schoenbeck on bassoon ,Wayne on piano and me on
cello.That just came out on Songlines.

Well I guess I'll see you out there.All the best,

Saturday September 9
Larry Ochs, Peggy Lee & Miya Masaoka (USA/BC)

FAB Trio (Joe Fonda,Barry Altschul & Billy Bang) (USA)
General $27; LW/ST/SR $22


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