Saturday, September 23, 2006

I love Saturday mornings. It is the one time of the week where I really chill out and don't feel like I should be doing something else. I read most of the Globe and Mail and the kids watch cartoons until noon. (the only day we allow morning tv!)

I just read a good blogposting from Dave Douglas about this weeks concert by Lina Allemano and Ingrid Jensen in his Festival of New Trumpet music in New York.

Last night I watched Antonioni's "the Passenger" again, this time with Jack Nicholson's commentary, which was as minimal as the movie but I was sucked into watching the whole film again 24 hours later.

I look forward to the coming days as well as the pressure is on to compose a couple new tune for the Hornband as we are making a demo in one week's time to apply for a grant to help pay for a new recording. I love composing but often need a deadline to allow me to allot the time to do it.

Another thing I enjoyed this week was watching Jeannette Lambert's home made video for the great opening track of her recent Cd with Paul Bley, Michel Lambert and bassist Barre Phillips.

I think I will make a little video like that...might have to shoot some more footage but it would be fun to edit together a little video and put it up on youtube. (then I would be part of the youtube generation!!...maybe I am already as I watch it everyday)



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