Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am a little under the weather these days so just getting through the day with the normal demands is a challenge. I am happy to say that I am nearly ready for the demo we are recording this weekend to apply for a recording grant.

I have quite a headache right now. I don't drink coffee when I am sick as it apparently kills all your vitamin C. I am not sure if the headache is from my cold or my need for coffee.

It appears lots of people have checked out my music video...that is the whole get people to hear some of my music that they may not have heard before. I have some ideas for videos I want to make for the new Cd. hoping to work on those while in Quebec in a couple weeks.

I have a good idea for a new podcast too but no time until next week. It will be relating to the talk I attended last week from Rosario Marchese about Status of the Artist. Stay tuned.


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