Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friday is World Carfree Day!!

I hug this concept passionately, not having had a car for almost two years now. (actually it was so nice to have a tow truck come and take away our old mini-van yesterday!...more room for road hockey on the driveway)

I try not to judge those that own cars, especially because I enjoy getting a lift to hockey every friday and other times that folks help me out with their wheels.

My main interest is getting people to consider the concept of being carfree. i.e don't take it for granted as we did growing up. We don't all need cars and our world cannot survive if we keep building and driving more and more cars.

Here are the details for Friday:

World Carfree Day

Friday, September 22, 2006 join more than 100 million people in more than 1500 cities around the globe in celebration of World Carfree Day.

It’s a world-wide celebration of a possible future, where streets are taken from the cars and given back to the people.

Streets are for People!, the gang behind PS Kensington, the More Parks – Less Parking petition car, and the highly photographed Kensington Garden Car, are promoting a giant Parking Meter Party and Parade.


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