Friday, September 08, 2006

The first Record I ever played on was Graham Kirkland's compositional collage. It featured NY violinist Mark Feldman on Violin. It was a weird session and is a weird record but I had a lot of fun hanging out with Mark.

(jazz photographer Susan O'connor and writer and Ken Waxman just walked in...lots of neat people here in the coffee shop at the Guelph Jazz fest!

Here are Mark's email responses to my questions:
-Are you performing with one of your regular ensembles in Guelph or is
this a special, maybe even debut of a new band? Who will be with you on
this gig?

It is a regular group,
a Duo with Pianist Sylvie Courvoisier

-When was the last time you performed in Guelph or even in the Toronto
area? Any memorable performances in this area?

About 10 Years ago in Guelph with Ned Rothenberg in Duo,
With Dave Douglas and Charms of the Night Sky one time in
with John Zorn and Bar Kokhba one time in Toronto
with Joe Lovano and his Frank Sinatra Project in Toronto

All the above took Place Sometime in the past 10-12 years I think

-Do you have any plans for what will be discussed/performed at your
workshop in Guelph?
I don't think we are doing a workshop but a concert, at the concert
Sylvie and I will perform Pieces from John Zorn's Malphas
(Massada Book two The Book of Angles) From our duo CD of the same name

-What is the name of your latest recording and what other Cds
might be the most definitive of your work up to this point. (any
suggestions where to get your recordings?)
My Latest Recording is Called "What Exit" the release date is Sept 26 it is on ECM records
It is with John Taylor Pno, Anders Jormin Bass and Tom Rainey Drums

Sylvie Courvoisier's Latest Recording has the release date of January and is Called "LonelyVille" on Intakt Records of Switzerland
The Musicians are S Courvoisier Pno , Ikue Mori Live Electronics, Gerald Cleaver Drums
Vincent Courtois Cello and Mark Feldman Violin

Both CD's Should be found on AMAZON .com

Mark Feldman

Sunday Sept 10
Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoisier
Xu Fengxia & Joe Fonda (GERMANY/ USA)


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